Biology is one of my favourite subjects. This year was my super-intensive biology year, where I have reviewed all materials and subjects from the past years once again. I have taken a course at Boswell-Beta (University of Utrecht) which reviews the VWO biology programme for students who want to study medicine or dentistry etc. Apart from that I used the materials from the EDX preparing for AP Biology as additional practising materials and learned in my books also. I have mastered the subject and importantly, I feel very prepared now!


EDX AP Biology

Part I - The cell





  • AP Biology Certificate II
  • APbioPR II
  • AP Biology Certificate III
  • APbioPR III

I have also absolved the other AP courses: Genetics, Evolution and Diversity and Ecology. My scores:

94% - The cell

79% - Genetics (I did not take one of the tests because of connection problems)

93% - Evolution and Diversity


The Boswell-Beta course VWO Biology was also very intensive, but interesting. And it was nice to meet some of the other students who are working towards the same goal. 
















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