This school year, I have learned about the subjects:  

  • human immunology
  • microbiology (theory and lab)
  • anatomy
  • ecology
  • humans and their environment
  • ethology
  • human reproduction, growth and development (theory and lab)
  • cell, cell environment, diffusion and osmosis, homeostasis
  • genetics
  • evolution
  • regulation

Excursions and learning journeys 

DGTI congress

To learn mora about human immunology, I visited the annual conference of the German Society of Transfusion Medicine and Immune Hematology 2013 in Münster, Germany, attended meetings and spoke with the experts. For attending the congress, I received a certificate, according to the regulations for ongoing education of the German association of medical laboratory scientists.




certificate DGTI congress



Nature and environmental park Güstrow 

Natur- und Umweltpark Güstrow is an educational park, where people can learn about nature. Information about ecology, geology, insects, plants, trees and animals is presented in a hands-on fashion. The animals in the park live in a natural habitat as much as possible. In the park they have free roaming deer, wild pigs, bears, wolves and many species of smaller animals like birds, squirrels, storks, raccoons, etc. To give you an impression I have added some photos.

  • wild pigs
  • which animal ate the pine cone
  • the squirrel was too fast
  • information about the trees
  • resting wolf
  • the aquarium


Photosynthesis and Metabolism in Plants



The funny thing is, that I have left the bottles closed and standing at the window. The bottle that had been opened has grown a lot of ferns (I did not plant those, I can assure you.) The other bottle that had not been opened has a very lush appearance (think tropical rain forest), althoug my flowering plant has vanished, the other plants have thrived.  









project Guenberg