This school year, I have learned about the subjects:   

  • laboratory skills (basic and advanced)
  • hair and skin
  • human blood
  • human immunology

Excursions and learning journeys

DGTI congress

To learn about immunology, I attended the annual congress of the German Society of Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology  in the Austrian city of Graz.


Theory and lab work

Hair and skin

I made a digital picture of the structure of skin in MS Powerpoint.






Human blood

A digital drawing of an erythrocyte (a red blood cell).



my presentation about blood types in German
blood type.pptx [488.2 KB]


Human immunology

I held a presentation about HLA-antibodies in German





outline HIV
short summary of main aspects
outline HIV.docx [152.9 KB]








project Guenberg