2014/2014 Chemistry II with Lab


Besides theory I did a lot of lab work.

For this, I did not go to a laboratory, instead I organized my own laboratory at home. For this I used the book "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture".  If you plan to do your chemistry lab work at home, I can really reccomend this. They provide all kinds of ideas for your own experiments and explain everything so that you can start working on lab chemistry. Although the EDX course on solid state chemistry I took in 2012/2013 was challenging, the "all lab, no lecture" approach really did make chemistry fun. Chemistry can be fun! I would not have believed it myself, but I was looking forward to chemistry by taking the practical approach.


This year's subjects were:

* Chemical Kinetics
* Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle
* Enzymes
* Gas Chemistry
* Thermochemistry and Calorimetry
* Electrochemistry
* Photochemistry
* Colloids and Suspensions
* Qualitative Analysis
* Quantitative Analysis
* Synthesis of Useful Compounds
* Forensic Chemistry
* Organic Chemistry overview
* Biochemistry basics
* Enzymes in Biochemistry


The theory I studied, was organized aroung my very own experiments in my very own lab.  



Lab work








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