2013/2014 Chemistry I with Lab 

I am not someone who likes to sit still and study books. I liked the hands-on chemistry lessons of the last two years of my high school experience the best. I learned many things about chemical reactions, chromotography, solutions and chemical properties of substances.  


We contemplated searching for a teacher for the lessons, but I found a great book of experiments to do yourself! It is called "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture" and this is exactly what it did. We had contemplated using either a chemistry set or a text book, but I loved the book with the experiments.

The descriptions where very clear and I could do everything myself. This school year I concentrated on the first half of the book: 


* Separating Mixtures
* Solubility and Solutions
* Colligative Properties of Solutions
* Introduction to Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry
* Reduction-Oxidation (Redox) Reactions
* Acid-Base Chemistry


I think this book thaught me more than the chemistry lessons I took in school, because I did the experiments and then wanted to figure out why it worked and how it worked. My little brothers were always asking me when I would be doing chemistry because they wanted to participate. I have added some pictures of some of the simpler experiments, but during the most exciting experiments I was so busy that I forgot to take them. 

This chemistry book is addictive! 


hydrophylic - hydrophobic fluids










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