2014-2015 Prehistory - Classical Antiquity 

This year I focused on a comprehensive overview and recapitulation of World history and studied European history from Prehistory to classical Antiquity. I visited several prehistoric museums and sites.  

Excursions and learning journeys

prehistoric sites


- the replic of the decorated cave of Pont d’Arc in France (I also visited the original site, but you are not allowed into the original cave)
- Stonehenge
- Dolmen megalithic thombs (hunebedden in Dutch) in the Netherlands and Germany
- archeological museum Groß Raden

- stone age village Kussow 


Classical Antiquity

- Rome

- Athens

- Hadrian's Wall in Great Britain 

- Roman historical sites in Xanten, Germany



Köhlerhof (charcoal burning farm) 

Since humanity discovered its need for metal, charcoal has been used as a means to gain these sought-after materials. As early as 4000 b.C. charcoal has been produced by letting wood burn while covered with turf or other materials, to attain an incomplete oxidation of the wood to produce charcoal.

At the Köhlerhof, you can experience how the charcoal burning took place long ago. Chemistry and history!

Audio course

I took this course, because history fascinates me. I used these free materials:

- history of the world to 1500 BC from Richard Bulliet from Columbia University

- world civilization 1500 to present from Thomas O'Brien from the University of Houston





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