2011/2012 German Language and Literature 

Text analysis

I took a Dutch pre-university test with questions about various texts and it was much more difficult than I had expected. I thought that it would be easy because German is my second mother tongue, but there were many difficult Dutch words in the questions that I did not know. For that reason I had quite a few questions wrong.

German Literature

Over the course of the years, I like to think I have read more German literature now than most native Germans in their lifetime. I am now working on the analysis of the literature and to learn about Goethe and the literary episodes of his time and such.
Faust was really difficult. My former German teacher used to say in class that she did not want to do Faust, because it is too difficult for us and even for her. But on the literature list we had to put difficult books, because they look at how difficult the literature you read is.
I also learned a lot about literature (which kinds of poetry exist, what the difference between the literature of the Middle Ages and the classic literature is, etc) and that was kind of boring.




In spelling I am not 100% good, but I have been getting better with time. It was in 2015, that I discovered that I actually have dyslexia.  




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